Smart Contract Marketplace

Filthy Rich Horses is more than a lapse into opulence. Users will be able to visit the grand bazaar at FilthyRichHorses.com, where the bread is made from orchid flour, and the java is fresh from the anus of genetically-tailored coffee marmosets. Purchase horses with ADA or $HAY without marketplace fees; why accept anything less? Powered by the team at MartifyLabs, our smart contract marketplace will have functionality that verges on decadence and will be consistently upgraded with new features as they are finalised. There are no fees other than the royalties, which go towards project development, marketing, salaries, marketplace maintenance, and buying a bottle of wine worth more than the GDP of a third-world economy.

Make HAY While the Sun Shines

Bones. Scrill. Guap. $HAY works as a Cardano native asset within the Filthy Rich Horse ecosystem. We are building out our platform and will continue to share ways that $HAY can be utilised and ways for you to earn enough of it to gag a baritone pelican.

$HAY Staking Rewards

$HAY will be airdropped to users who have relaxed into the sapphire waters of our private lagoon by staking their ADA with the Filthy Rich Horses Stake Pool. Staked wallets that hold Filthy Rich Horses NFTs will receive compounded staking rewards, with details announced before the launch of our stake pool.

$HAY Swap

Users that would like a place to trade/swap $HAY will be able to do so with the debauched ease of licking beluga caviar from a white satin glove. Aside from the smart contract marketplace, FilthyRichHorses.com will feature "$HAY Swap," an easy-to-use order book that connects buyers with sellers of $HAY token and vice versa.

$HAY Liquidity Pool

$HAY will also be available on SundaeSwap in the form of a liquidity pool. Relish the smug satisfaction of a brandy-swilling plutocrat reclined into crocodile upholstery by earning passive income; provide liquidity and watch the fees rolling in whenever swaps occur.

$HAY Usage

Finally, holders will be able to use $HAY to purchase Filthy Rich Horses in our smart contract marketplace. Version 2.0 of our bazaar will feature native token support, enabling users who trade in $HAY to pay lower fees. In the future, the Filthy Rich Horse merchandise store will also accept $HAY as well as ADA, giving you access to crowns, capes, and all the haute couture meatspace can handle.