The following is our current roadmap. Expect some updates and surprises for holders not included below. Our goal is, as always, to hit every milestone, but some details, including the order of activities, may be subject to change.

NFT Release
We will release our native token, HAY.
Art Reveal
We will reveal the art and our artists for the 7 500 NFT collection.
Filthy Rich Founders
We will drop 250 pre-purchased Founder NFTs.
Filthy Rich Horses
We will release our collection of 7 500 unique NFTs.
Founder Merchandise
Merchandise release date will be announced for our 250 Founders.
Merchandise Sale
Limited merchandise sale for all Filthy Rich Horses holders.
Surprise Milestone
We will announce the second significant utility addition to the project.
Art Giveaway
Five holders will be given hand-painted versions of their Filthy Rich Horses
Promotional Campaigns
Campaigns to spread the word about Filthy Rich Horses and the NFT space will begin.
Whitepaper Release
We will release our white paper outlining the long term plan of the project.