Is this actually an NFT?

Yes, these tokens are unique forever on the Cardano Blockchain.

Where is the metadata?

The metadata for each token is on-chain and follow CIP-25. The metadata itself links to an image on IPFS and Arweave to keep the data immutable and retrievable forever. The metadata is in the minting transaction of the token.

Does the marketplace use smart contracts?

Yes, the marketplace is entirely based on a contract. There is no 3rd party or intermediary involved.

Which wallet can I use?

Nami, ccVault and Gero are the only wallets supported by the marketplace out of wallets that support smart contract functionality. More wallets may be supported in the future.

Is my bid or offer locked in the contract?

Yes, it is locked in the contract, but you can always cancel the bid/offer and reclaim your funds. However, keep in mind that a buyer/seller has the opportunity to accept your bid/offer as long as your funds are in the contract.

What fees are involved in the marketplace?

Besides Cardano network fees and royalties, the marketplace charges no additional fees.

I get the error: Transaction not possible

Make sure you have enough funds to cover your trade. Try to refactor your wallet and minimise the UTxO and token count. Sometimes the blockchain can get very busy - simply wait and try again.

What is the Policy ID for Filthy Rich Horses?

Our different collections have the following Policy IDs: $Hay 2eb3e6eac64b7119f948b5529909e45a8e29c88563fa6a3deb78519c Filthy Rich Founders 4addaad7f0319c2f66857a35d3d7257f9ee426a6a3aefa139277a2b9 Filthy Rich Horses 3cfaab5893f90eee3d20c6bc69716568b69e7f480e7df9c1f3dd0232