About The Project

You're enjoying dinner when there's a sharp knock on your door. "It's open," you say. "Come in." A succession of immaculately dressed racing jockeys troops from your foyer into your kitchen. They pass a card from manicured hand to manicured hand, which they place delicately before you on your dining room table. Each one of their silk outfits is more flamboyant than the last. And what else does it say on that card—embossed in velvet and inlaid with lapis filigree? It says that a new standard for lavish excess has been set. It says that whatever's on the other side of the door goes well beyond the bounds of good taste. It says there's a party, and you're invited. Filthy Rich Horses' original mint of 7 500 PFPs combines painstakingly drawn illustrations with hand-coded algorithms for the absolute premium in artisanally generated Cardano NFTs. One of the first projects to implement a smart contract marketplace at launch, Filthy Rich Horses uses Cardano's environmentally friendly Ouroboros protocol to take advantage of proof-of-stake's flexibility and mathematically proven security. Ownership confers members-only benefits at the Stable, where moderation is a relic of the past and prejudgment is the only faux pas. Meet colourful strangers with the same lack of impulse control and propensity for self-indulgence. Settle into the crystal clear waters of the Filthy Rich Staking Pool by staking benefits for extra rewards. Earn the native token HAY by staking the Filthy Rich Horses. Treat yourself. We don't mind. Home is where the herd is. Welcome home.

The Team


Founder & Partner

The father of all horses. Settled at his stall in Norway, this proud sire oversees all matters of the Stable together with his second hoof horse Namespace. Proud father and a hay cooking genius, this horse's odyssey has just begun.



The Trusted Stallion. Charged with managing stable matters, this horse gallops above and beyond to ensure the herd is always prospering. The might of this breed knows no bounds and is the horse that stands on the frontline of battle, protecting the herd.


Creative Director

The Gifted One. He who holds the golden inked feather shall know only prosperity. Bringing life to the stable with only a touch of his hove's, this steed is limited only by his extraordinary imagination.


Concept Artist

The Creator. She who picks up the ancient apple of creation shall forever be known as the Golden Mare. Legend has it that this mystical mare is the mother of all horse kind. With a majestic neigh, she sees all and protects all.


Blockchain Expert

The Hay Expert. Can be spotted chaining up blocks of hay and apples; this steadfast stallion knows no limitations. Providing the means and technical know-how for the council of horses vision to prosper and come to life.


Lead Moderator

The Neighing Stallion. When the stable is full, and day breaks to night, this lively horse you don't want to fight. Keeping the herds hove's pointed straight, ensuring every horse got hay in their stalls. When this horse neighs, the stable listens.



The Silent Horse. Though this colt lives in the shadows, his work touches the hearts of many. Using his unmistakable voice to give the herd a far greater reach than any horse could imagine. A trusted companion and a silent partner, his legend trots on.



The Caring Steed. He comes from a land far away, more technical than most horses. This steed has embedded his code into the stable’s foundation and continues to support our great nation silently. He is always spotted munching on apple infused Hay.












Horses of Innovation. Making the seemingly impossible possible, these steadfast colts invented the Grand Bazaar, breaking the boundaries of Hay. This result of genius is a fickle mare, but if handled with care, it might just change the world.



Friend of the Horses. In the depths of the North sea, they heard the horses call. Swimming at the speed of a fractionalised second, they provided aid to the herd during times of establishment. Safe to say, they joined the collective.